About us

Our goal:

We are a small artisan vegan cheeze company created with the goal of sharing an enviroment-friendly and cruelty-free solution with you!! If you are either a vegan who misses good quality and healthy vegan cheeze, someone who wants to quit dairy, or just a foodie, Furu Creamery will exceed all your expectations.

About Our products:

Our products are 100% plant-based and free from refined ingredients. We produce our cheezes from top quality cashews or homemade almond milk. In our small cheeze making lab we use traditional methods that gives our products complex aromas, textures and flavours.

Furu cheezes and products are perfect to be paired with first-class wines and to be used for gastronomic pruposes.


If you have any questions or spiecial orders feel free to write us. 🙂